Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is our new little member of the family.

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JamericanSpice said...

Welcome Ava.

I hope we'll get a pet soon too. We'll see.

Lena said...

oh my word- is she ever cute!! I am guessing she is a puggle.

andrea said...

oh goodness, is this puppy for real? how adorable!

Louise said...

She is a sweetheart!!!
and Rexy loves her too ;)

Rose said...

She is so sweet, you just want to grab those cheeks and squeeze and do this cutesy voice thing....and I'm not even a huge Dog lover. She is adorable!!!!Hope your having a great day! Love you and miss you!!!!

Wanda said...

What a doll Ava is. She is going to be such a blessing...

Please keep posting pictures as she grows.

Have a great weekend.