Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seeing I'm done "my time of rest," It's time to get back into the blogging world. lol...
Sorry it's been so long.

The big question thats been playing and re-playing in my head has been, "Do you have unforgiveness in your heart?"
Do I need to think long and hard on this one? No. ((Shamefully))
There were just some issues in my life that I didn't feel needed attention.
God kept bringing these people to my mind. "You need to go see them." "You need to go make everything right or you wont be able to move on."
My argument with God grew and grew, but I was not going to do it. I thought to myself that I could make myself move on and I could do it no matter what God told me. I reassure you, this was all done unconsciously. lol
But then, during one of my classes, I read words that stung like a bee.
Who was I arguing with? I understood Him the first time, and now I've been wasting my time arguing with myself. ((if your like me, picturing this in your head makes it pretty funny))
Seeing I didn't want to look so ridiculous, I sucked up my pride and met with the people God lead me to. It seems like when I'm done dealing with one problem, another person pops into my head. So it looks like I'll be pretty busy for the next while.
This has been a very humbling experience, and I feel like I've lost 50 pounds. Woohoo!!! It's amazing what unforgiveness can do to you.
I also read that scientist's studies have shown, they have found that 70% of illnesses and depression come from the thoughts in your mind, anger, unforgiveness, loneliness, and the list goes on and on.
Sounds like we could all find a great health boost by just watching what we are thinking.


Louise said...

I SO echo your thoughts!! Ever since that class it is amazing how many things have come to mind :)
Love you girl and SO happy to be doing class with yoU!!

andrea said...

wow! good for you! I need to follow in your footsteps...i do completely agree that forgivenness has an amazing way to a happier, freer, and healthier life! way to go! you have given me lots to think about!
btw...great to read another post from you!