Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 25th was eight years since our wedding day, yesterday we spent the evening looking back at our life. We saw our goals that have been achieved and such a big difference in our friendships and family.
In our journal, we wrote down the things that we have conquered:
- I have found peace in not being able to have more children.
- Sheldon have learnt how to understand me and all of my unique personalities.
- We have found ways to support each other emotionally.
- I have overcome my jealousy over Sheldon (yes, I've been Jealous. He's very successful)
- I have come over a lot of pain from my childhood, and learnt how to deal with my problems.
- Sheldon has put a lot of faith into the Lord. Instead of holding everything on his own shoulders.
- Sheldon has found great success in his business and put it all into Gods hands.
- We have filtered out all our bad relationships, there where a lot of friendships holding us down and putting stress on the both of us.
- We have found a great church that suits the whole family. It has helped us grow and become very real in our own skin.

After we looked at this list and found out that we have come a lot further then we had thought, we made a short list of goals for ourselves:
- We want to find our BEST LIFE through our relationships, our Church, our work and our family. (That's a big one)
- We want to grow together in prayer and find Gods plan for us, NOT ours.
- We want to celebrate each day. We want be thankful through our hard and hurtful times and through the Big and little blessing that are given to us every day.
- Seeing our Cell group has lost touch, we want to find a new Cell group. It helps both me and Sheldon be real people.
- We want to be the best parents we can be. We want to be able to support Jadden through his challenges in life, and we want to be there to celebrate with him through the good times.
- We want to find our MISSION. Weather it be at home, in our Church, in our local community or out of the country. God has a mission for everyone, so we are going out of our way to find it.

It was a great time. Looking into our lives together has made me feel very connected to Sheldon. I can hardly wait to spend the rest of my life with him.
Happy Anniversary Sheldon...


Rose said...

What a beautiful post Candy, you have gone through a lot more than most people and have come out a much stronger person and I know that you worked very hard and I'm proud of you! You Guys are so special to us and we hope you always know that and feel our love and admiration for you. We hope you had a great Anniversary, you deserve it! Love You!

Louise said...

Too sweet , brought a tear to my eyes!! I love you both SO very much you are both amazing people!
It is so important to reflect and see how far you have come and look to the future with anticipation of things to come and enjoy today because it is truly a gift!!!

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary Guys - sounds like it has been an amazing 8 years so far:)